Terrific Teens

Terrific Teens


Thursdays at 7:00 pm in Vancouver, 1730 Vernon Drive

6 weeks of 1-hour classes, $220 including GST
Register by calling:  604-868-5145 or email hello@dogpartners.ca
Please read our Terms and Conditions for Participation before Registering.

Do you have a busy young dog?  Terrific Teens is a class designed for the challenges of the first two years raising your young dog.  We work on increasing focus and engagement, self control and appropriate social and play skills. This class is for friendly, healthy dogs from 20 weeks to 2½ years old with at least their first set of vaccines. Newly acquired dogs must have been in their homes for at least one week prior to the start of class.

Activities include: Greeting people and dogs politely; Self Control exercises like Wait, Leave It, and Stop; Play with humans; Play and Social Behaviour between dogs; Recall and Leash Walking skills; Socializing exercises to address reactivity, Over-Arousal and Fear.

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