• 5 Ways to Help Your Reactive Dog

     December 28, 2019 ·

    5 Tips to help you with your reactive dog. 

    Plus an added Bonus!    5 tips to help other people with their reactive dogs!

    Fear is the most common cause of aggression in dogs. 

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  • Should My Dog Be In My Wedding?

     July 16, 2019 ·

    7 Ways To Do It, 7 Things To Consider

    Can’t you just picture a trio of bridesmaid and groomsman with a beautifully groomed dog tucked in between them as they make their way down the aisle?

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  • Before You Get Your Puppy

     June 13, 2019 ·

    Baby Steps

    Our lives are constantly changing, as we get older and our life circumstances shift and turn.  Getting a puppy should be as carefully planned as everything else in our lives. 

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  • People Friendly Dogs

     June 07, 2019 ·

    People Skills

    As a society, we tend to have pretty high and pretty unrealistic expectations of our dogs.  One of those expectations is that dogs will be friendly, polite and well mannered with very little training.  

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  • Reactive Dogs

     April 16, 2019 ·

    Techniques for Over-Arousal and Reactivity

    Dogs do what dogs do – they bark, chase, dig and bite – many things humans really don’t like.  Simply stopping behaviour or using punishment in an effort to suppress it is not effective, humane or fair.  

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  • Puppy Socialization

     April 02, 2019 ·

    Raising a Dog-Friendly Puppy

    Hopefully by now most people are aware that socializing their puppy is one of the most important things to do in order to have their puppy grow into a friendly, confident and happy family pet.

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  • Dog Enrichment

     March 19, 2019 ·

    It's a Wonderful Life!

    It’s an amazing world we live in! We live in a time where we can choose to learn, explore, or experience pretty much anything we want.  Whether in real time or in virtual time, our lives can be as full as we want them to be.

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  • Training Cues Not Working?

     March 09, 2019 ·

    The Poisoned Cue

    Some trainers claim to be positive because they use treats to reinforce good attempts at behaviour, but then they follow up a correction (punishment) in an attempt to curb poor attempts at behaviour. 

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  • Should We Use Corrections?

     January 15, 2019 ·

    No No's in Dog Training.  

    There should be no - “NO” - when you’re training your dog. In 

    other words, corrections (No!) do not need to be present in good, effective dog training. Surprised? Let me explain.

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  • A Dog's Christmas List

     December 01, 2018 ·

    All I Want for Christmas

    Recently, I asked my puppy Jack what he thinks a dog’s wish list for Christmas would be. This is what he came up with. I have to say, I think his choices are brilliant!

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