I want to be part of a community of animal professionals who are supportive, compassionate, non-judgemental and collaborative.

I’d like to see professionals who believe in science-based, positive and force-free training methods come together as a community to make sure our methods are the number one choice for anyone looking for training and care for their animals.

I’ve been working as a professional in the pet training industry for over 20 years. I’m passionate about continuing education, and I attend many workshops, seminars and courses every year – not because I want CEUs, but because I want to be confident that my knowledge and coaching is up to date and that I’m doing the very best I can for families and their dogs.

Before I began working with dogs, I owned and operated various businesses throughout the course of my career offering coaching, support and expertise to other professionals.

Collaboration, community, connection. We need to make sure that we support our industry and come together as colleagues to ensure that animals get the training they deserve.

Everyone needs someone, sometimes! If you’re new to the pet care or training industry or already established in the industry but need someone to bounce some ideas off, need a sounding board or just want to connect, I would love to hear from you.

No cost, no strings, no commitment, just colleagues networking and finding ways to strengthen our community for the love of animals.

 Shadowing and mentoring possibilities
 Career guidance
 Reverse mentoring – maybe we have something to offer each other

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Valerie Barry

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