Terms and Conditions for Participation



  1. Fees are non-refundable.  Fees are payable within 7 days of receiving your payment link or 1 day prior to the start of your training if you sign up for training that starts in less than 7 days after receiving your payment link.
  2. Exception: If your dog becomes sick or injured and is unable to continue with the training within 2 months, we will require confirmation from your veterinarian. We will then refund the unused portion, less a 15% administrative fee.
  3. Class fees are for classes only and are not transferable to private training.

Our Training:

  1. Classes run consecutively except for long weekends, facility availability or unless advised otherwise at sign up.
  2. We cannot guarantee make up of missed classes.
  3. Our training methods are Positive and Force Free. These are the only methods that will be used in our training by all trainers, assistants and anyone attending class.
  4. We will be using food treats in our training.
  5. For in-person classes, please bring your own treats to use with your own dog, and please refrain from offering treats to another dog without first consulting the owner(s).

Attending In-Person Classes:

  1. Do NOT attend classes if you are sick.
  2. Please ensure that you have read our Covid-19 Safety Plan.
  3. Class is limited to two (2) adult handlers OR one (1) adult handler and one (1) handler aged 12+ per dog at this time.
  4. Do NOT attend classes if your dog is sick
  5. We ask that you have respect for your fellow participants and trainers in class.

Your Dog:

  1. Your dog must be healthy and friendly in order to attend in-person classes.
  2. If you are signing up for in-person classes, we require proof of first vaccines, by email.  Proof can be a photo or scan of your dog's health documents or verbal confirmation from your veterinarian.
  3. For in-person training, please advise us if your dog has any food allergies.


  1. Your dog should be equipped with a flat buckle or snap type collar and a regular 4 or 6-foot leash.
  2. We do not advocate and actively discourage the use of choke, prong, pinch, or shock collars for any training. This equipment is not compatible with our training methods.
  3. We encourage you to consider using a body harness for your dog. Ask us for a list of harnesses we recommend.
  4. Flexi-leads (extendable leashes) cannot be used for in-person classes.

Use of Photos and Videos:

Dog Partners occasionally takes photos or videos in our classes or training sessions for use in our training materials and for marketing purposes. You acknowledge that Dog Partners may photograph or videotape you, your dog(s), and any persons who attend the classes. As part of our online classes, Dog Partners may occasionally ask you to share, in our online forums, photos or videos of your dog(s) that you have recorded. You expressly give permission to Dog Partners use all such photographs or videos, whether recorded by Dog Partners or by you and provided to us as described herein, in all forms of media, and for any and all purposes, including advertising. You understand and agree that you will not receive any payment or any royalty for the publication of the photographs or videos, and you hereby release Dog Partners from any such claims.

By clicking the Check Boxes during the Registration process, you confirm that the information you have provided in the Intake Form is true to the best of your knowledge, and you indicate your understanding of and consent to all the terms contained therein.