The “art” of exposing puppies to as many different experiences as we can, in the most positive way we can, in order to prepare them to live their whole lives with their own people, other humans, other animals and the ability to tolerate novelty in all its forms.  

friendly dog is a well socialized dog.  

Socialization is Critical!

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Do you know what you need to socialize your puppy to?  

Do you know the steps to socialize your puppy effectively?  

Here are just a 3 examples of the 6 socialization categories we cover in class:

People - all ages and sizes hugging, jogging, limping, sneezing.
Sounds - thunder, the doorbell, fireworks, breaking glass, sirens, vacuums.
Things that move - cars, skateboarders, wheelchairs, strollers, children's toys.


Body Handling skills are critical too!

If your puppy has fear, anxiety and stress related to being touched or handled by you or by strangers, it can significantly impact their health and behaviour, and it can make visits to your veterinarian a very difficult experience for everyone.

Our series includes weekly exercises on Body Handling desensitization.  We include specific tasks geared toward preparing your puppy to happily tolerate veterinary care and grooming requirements.

We also teach you some of the subtleties of Dog Body Language - how to read your dog and how to respond appropriately to what you see.


The “Whole Chihuahua!”

We guide you through your puppy's critical period of development and help you with your ongoing socialization.  This is something we just can't do in a traditional puppy class!  We get to see you and help you raise a friendly puppy as your puppy matures through their various developmental periods.

What people are saying:

"We have started the puppy socialization class with Valerie and Jane
and are delighted with it! "

"Going to this class is the best thing we could have done for our puppy."


An Online Socialization Coaching Series

for Puppies and Young Dogs*

Ongoing Enrolment - Start Any Time
Mondays and Thursdays at 7:15 pm PST

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Don't miss out - only 6 spots available in each session!  

  • $299 plus GST, pre-paid for 12 sessions, 2x/week
  • This is a live, online coaching experience in a small group class format. We meet by Zoom twice a week to discuss and assign specific socialization tasks, review demo and homework video and discuss your puppy.  
  • Then you go out in the real world and practice with your puppy!

* This class is for New Puppies and Young Dogs up to 2 years of age.


Series includes:

  • 12 Live, 60-minute Zoom Coaching sessions
  • Limited to 6 students
  • Missed a session? Don't worry, we have recordings!
  • 1 Socialization, 2 Body Handling topics weekly
  • Video Demos, guidelines and instruction
  • Dog Body Language lesson and resources
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Training materials and resources 
  • Email support throughout the series
  • Special rates for private training
  • Certificate of Completion – You did it!!

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Special Bonus Gift!

For a limited time, we are including a FREE general Puppy Information session.
We have our topics or you bring yours; we answer all your questions!

  • 1 hour Live Zoom Discussion of all things Puppy!
  • Session scheduled in week 3 of the series.


The “Min Pin” (coming soon!)

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