Private Training



Private Training Options are booked with individual trainers.  Subject to your initial discussion with your trainer, sessions may be subject to a cancellation charge if cancelled less than 24 hours before each booked session.  

Please familiarize yourself with our policies for booking Private Training Sessions and Packages.


Looking for a private option? We offer private training for Puppies too!  You can book a puppy package of 3 visits to your home for $300 including GST.  

Don’t Have Your Puppy Yet ? Book a pre-puppy package for $300 including GST. The package includes 1 private visit before puppy arrives and a 6-week set of puppy classes or 2 additional visits to your home.

Packages for Puppies must be pre-paid and used within 4 months.

Behaviour Consultations

If you have a behaviour issue, including but not limited to aggression, reactivity, fear or anxiety, contact us for private, in-home training rates and package options.

604-868-5145 or for more information

Build Your Own Class

We have private training options available for all of our group classes. You can even customize your own class with a group of friends and their dogs. What a fun way to celebrate someone's birthday!

604-868-5145 or for more information

Dog Friendly Offices

Have a Dog Friendly Office?  Lucky you!  We have lots of tips and suggestions for Dog Friendly Offices to help set up the right harmonious atmosphere.  Skip the traditional company picnic - consider setting up company-themed, custom training classes in your office for something fun to do as an organization! Nosework and Trick Training are perfect for an office setting.

604-868-5145 or for more information

Remote Training

Need some help and can't find a trainer in your area?  We can help!  Contact us for remote training options that we can customize to suit your needs. 

604-868-5145 or for more information