Frankie"When our Great Dane puppy was 6 months old, we took her to a well-known local trainer who used pack mentality and punishment as tools to train dogs. At first we thought all dog trainers were the same and we wanted to invest time and energy into our puppy fast as she was growing into a very large dog very quickly. However, it became clear that this ‘one size fits all’ training method did not work for our girl.

Feeling lost, but not wanting to give up, we found Valerie and she quickly showed us that there were other more helpful, compassionate, and respectful ways to to train a dog. She encouraged the use of techniques that were gentle, effective, and tailored to the specific needs of our family and our dog. Training with Valerie brought us closer to our dog through an understanding of her behaviour. Without Valerie we honestly don’t know where we would have ended up with our dog.

Not only are we happier dog owners, but we also have the tools to foster a strong and committed partnership with our girl where we both understand and love each another."

-Lauren, Jeff and Frankie