4 weekly sessions*
$195.00 (plus GST)

Trick Training Classes in North Vancouver, Upper Lonsdale

Saturdays - Upper Lonsdale:

This class is scheduled “on demand”.  Please register to get yourself on our waitlist!

*Before registering:
- Please read our current Policies.
- Please read our Terms and Conditions for Participation.

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Perfect for:
✓ dogs of any age
 dogs who are friendly with people and other dogs
 dogs who have been in their new home at least one week before class start
 dogs who are healthy with no signs of vomiting, diarrhea, or discharge from eyes, mouth, nose or any other area

This is a group class.  Dogs must be comfortable and non-reactive in the vicinity of other dogs and people. If you aren't sure if your dog meets this criteria, please email us first before registering.  

Tricks covered (include but not restricted to):

+ Spin + Play Dead
+ Bow + Back Up
+ Middle + Chin Rest
+ Place + Kick It

*Covid-19 restrictions:  Read our full Covid-19 safety plan.