Victoria and Ally“I got my first dog, a Scottish Terrier when she was 4 months of age. I had never owned a dog so enrolled in some classes. After 2 separate courses with different outfits, my dog still had some issues. I found Valerie through a local pet store. Valerie had an article in a magazine called Pet Connections. I got on the phone right away, and within days Valerie and I were meeting. It was the best-spent money ever!! Valerie gave me the tools and instruction to correct my dog’s behavior in a way that was fun, interesting and my dog was happy! That was a couple of years ago, I called Valerie to the rescue again last week for another private lesson for a different issue and within a few days, the difference in our walks was remarkable, thanks Valerie!!!!!! I highly recommend your services and especially the private lessons, it was so helpful to have that one on one time and as I said, life is grand again!!”

-Victoria and Ally